Plan Vive Cartagena - Live Cartagena Plan

Cartagena, a city of joy and magical nights in which you can live unforgettable experiences; like the Live Cartagena Plan.

Its beautiful Caribbean beaches are a walk that as a tourist you can not miss. Within its almost infinite possibilities, Playa Blanca-Barú and the Rosario Islands just 30 minutes from the city, become the busiest plans when sunbathing and refreshing in the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Back to the mainland, the nightlife of Cartagena will envelop you in a relaxed, fun and festive atmosphere in one of the characteristic plans of the city, the ‘rumba in chiva’.

Live Cartagena Plan

You can also know Cartagena otherwise, on wheels. A typical chiva tour includes a guide who acts as an animator; A little liquor and also a musical ensemble. To the rhythm of the typical Colombian music you will walk through several tourist areas of the city to finish with delicious fritters typical Cartageneros and continue with the rumba in one of the discotheques of the historical center.

Its historical appeal is another of the recommended activities to add to the agenda when visiting this magical city. If you do not want to miss any details it is advisable to plan your trip with a tourist guide; You can do it with In Cartagena Guide (, a technological tool that allows you to put together the plans you will make in the city by creating a personalized map that you can build during your tour of the website.

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With the Vive Cartagena Plan – Hotel Costal del Sol you can visit the Rosario Islands, have fun in a chiva; also spend three fabulous nights at the hotel and all for an incredible price. Live Cartagena with Costa del Sol Hotel!