Common areas

Dining room

The Costa del Sol has a large dining room where breakfast, lunch and dinner are daily serve, the service is buffet style and there is a wide variety of meals to suit all tastes.

Our spacious lobby has highly qualified staff to provide you the best service; also the place is fully furniture with comfortable coaches for your comfort.

Pool Floor 4

If you’re not a sunbathing fan, while relaxing in a pool, you can find the same comfort of our upper pool in our indoor pool; with a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea you can have fun without sun exposure.

Pool floor 15

Perfect for those who like to sunbathe, either tanning or just to relax for a while enjoying a cold drink.

View Point
Our viewpoint has a 360 degree view of all Cartagena, where Bocagrande beaches, the Caribbean Sea and the Historical City Center are appreciated, our viewpoint is the best place to rest and enjoy the Cartagena scenery.

Granada Hall

This room can accommodate up to 100 people, is designed to provide all the amenities depending on the type of event you wish to organize; we have the ability to configure the room according to the number of people and type of event you wish to plan.


On our terrace you can enjoy a refreshing drink while admiring the Cartagena landscape, day or night this is one of the best places in the hotel to relax with your partner, friends or family.